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Finding the Right Funding For Your Business

US Capital Funds, INC. is on a mission to find the right funding for your small business. With solid relationships with the major funding providers, your search is streamlined to only the best programs. And with years of experience working with a variety of industries, our experts will customize options that align perfectly with your business’s unique profile and specific needs.

Small Business Loan

An unsecured small business loan may be just the thing your business needs to advance to its next level. These custom business loans are not primarily based on credit, they are based on your business’s cash flow. The requirements are minimal - those that have been in business for 1 year and have yearly sales of $180,000+ are qualified.

We can match you with a loan provider that sets an amount that fits your business’s needs; loans up to $500,000 are now available. Minimal paperwork, adjustable repayment and flexible terms make the process smooth and simple. With a proven and trusted process, we encourage you to find out how much you are qualified for.

Medical Funding Program

Medical practices are costly to run, and working capital is a necessity for proper care and growth. We are in touch with the innovative lenders that are providing funding specifically for the healthcare sector. If you own a medical practice, allow us to introduce you to not just available funding, but a program that’s been tailored to fit your field to a T!

Merchant Cash Advance

Get your business the capital it needs to soar to new heights! Requirements for a merchant cash advance are minimal.

From expansion, to renovation, inventory to new equipment, explore the different ways a merchant cash advance can jumpstart your growth in one simple, inclusive and quick process. Allow us to match you with the right business cash advance providers for you!

Canadian Merchant Cash Advance

You do not have to be in the US to find quality alternative working capital; the Canadian merchant cash advance is now available. Just like merchant cash advances that are made in the states, the process of getting approved for a Canadian merchant cash advance is simple with easy approval and quick funding.

Just imagine having the funds you need to build you business… What are you waiting for? Find out just how much your business is qualified for today!

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